Laminate Flooring Installation

at Pierce Flooring

Work with our professionals

Know what to expect from your laminate installation

Once you’ve chosen a product from the extensive selection of in-stock laminate options on our website or in our three Montana showrooms, you’re ready to start the installation process.

Begin by scheduling a free in-home flooring measurement. Our professionals will visit your home to take precise measurements of your space and make note of any special requirements you may have for your installation. You’ll get an accurate estimate for your project before you make a purchase.

Next, we’ll review your quote with you, discuss your financing options and schedule your installation. We’ll also walk you through what to expect from your laminate installation, including:

  • The removal of your furniture & how it will be handled
  • How to coordinate your installation with other renovations such as paint
  • How to prepare your home to be a workspace for our professionals

Our local team of installers will arrive on time to complete your installation. Keep any children or pets away from the work area for their safety. The approximate timeframe for your installation will depend on the size of your room and the type of laminate you’ve chosen.


Raven Rock Brushed Canopy | Pierce Flooring
Antica HD Plus Foresta | Pierce Flooring
Pioneer High Country Pine | Pierce Flooring


the install

The best way to keep your new laminate floors looking newer, longer is to keep them well-maintained with a proper cleaning routine. Learn more from our guide.

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