Laminate Flooring

Care & Maintenance

A helpful guide

to maintaining your new laminate from Pierce Flooring.

Laminate floors provide a distinct beauty and warmth to your home. The best way to maintain that beauty is with the right cleaning routine.

Weekly maintenance is essential

Vacuum, dust mop, and occasionally damp mop to remove loose dirt and grit. Left unattended, dirt can act as an abrasive on the surface of your laminate floors. When cleaning, use a broom or vacuum cleaner with a hard attachment – not a beater bar. These attachments are useful for picking up dirt from between planks or along tight edges.

Place door mats at the entrances of your home

Place door mats at each entryway to collect excessive moisture or dirt before they have the chance to enter your home. Glides or floor protectors on the bottoms of furniture will prevent possible scratching or abrasion. Use caution when moving heavy furniture or appliances. You should also keep your pets’ nails trimmed to minimize scratching.

Pay attention to cleaning products

Spot cleaning and occasional complete cleaning can be done using products recommended by your manufacturer. Avoid the following:

  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Steel wool
  • Scouring powder
  • Soap-based detergents
  • Mop & Shine products
  • Wax
  • Polish
  • Steam cleaners

You should also never flood your floor with water or cleaner. Laminate floors tend to expand if excessive water is used while cleaning. After damp mopping, you should use a clean, dry cloth to thoroughly dry the floor. Tough, stubborn stains such as paint or adhesives should be removed with alcohol or acetone.

Regular maintenance of your laminate floor will keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

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